Action Photography – Master Class in Photographing Raptors in the Kalahari

R115.00 (incl VAT)


Ernest first visited the Kalahari in January 2017 and was completely hooked to the magic this unique destination offers. He has since spent more than 84 days exploring the wanders of the Kalahari. In this Webinar Ernest will discuss in detail how he goes about action photography of Raptors in the Kalahari. Ernest will be discussing the following, but not limited to:
• Exposure Settings and Camera Modes best suited for the conditions.
• Setting up advanced Auto Focus Settings on your DSLR Camera to match the subject’s movements.
• Customizing your camera to suit your needs and discuss handy tools available in your camera to assist you to get the photo.
• Lenses, their functions and how to use them effectively with Action Photography.
• The Importance of Editing in the modern world.
This webinar is well suited for the experienced hobbyist to professional photographers. Ernest is a Canon Shooter but has experience with Nikon and Sony Systems.