Introduction to managing and processing your bird photos with the free Digikam and Darktable (Masterclass)

R115.00 (incl VAT)

In this masterclass, I will introduce you to finding and installing these tools, as well as setting them up for your photography workflow. We will cover:
1. Shooting in RAW
2. Downloading and installing Digikam, Darktable, and the GIMP
3. Establishing your photography workflow (you want to do things in a consistent way for speed and ease of operation)
4. Downloading from your camera
5. Organising your photos post download (review, delete, organise)
6. Tagging and captioning your photos
7. Getting started with Darktable (what you need to know)
8. Core Darktable features and how to use them
9. Publishing your photos
10. Wrapping up – what else can you do?
11. Question and answer