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Learn-the-Birds ( aims to provide a global platform for experts, content providers, guides and top birders to showcase and share their skills and knowledge to the birders and “birders-to-be” of the world. Our Mission is to inform, educate, and support the development of birding and bird conservation around the world.

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  • Join a fast-growing group of dynamic experts who bring the latest and best birding education to a vast audience of interested people;
  • Earn money from paid content or raise funds for your favourite conservation cause;
  • Showcase your field of expertise and knowledge to a wider audience; and
  •  Gain greater exposure your target market. 

By joining our community you will receive support which serves to enhance your identity/brand and improve the quality of your offering.

Our platform is easy to use and we have created a variety of videos and other resources to assist you in creating world class content for birder education.

Should this appeal to you we will send you our “creator agreement” which specifies revenue sharing and also how the conservation fund works.

We are passionate about the environment and education!

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