Spend R50 towards Webinar production


A small contribution towards keeping webinars free and the hosting technology that we are using for the site.



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If  you spend R50 towards webinar production, it will be used to source new speakers, provide assistance with getting their webinar ready for delivery, help setting up the webinar on this site and with Zoom (including increasing our Zoom license), as well as the non-trivial costs of running the site, and post webinar production for any webinars that are recorded and made available here. As with all purchases on this site,  5% will be donated towards a bird-related charity, including assisting birding guides, and sponsoring more young people to pursue a career in birding tourism.

Note that as we have become VAT liable we have to add this tax to all items:
Registered name: KENGA SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD
VAT number: 4270291679