Bird is the Word

Live Web Show

Bird is the Word

A laid back chat about birds, birding, and all sorts of bird-related topics from around the world. 

Birding has taken many of us through some wonderful and incredibly varied experiences. This show is only possible because we love sharing these stories! Many of us are also actively involved in stellar work – we are birders, birding guides, bird photographers, bird artists, ornithologists, biologists, conservationists, researchers, the list goes on. 

In addition to sharing experiences, guests can also share a bit about themselves and the work they are pursuing. 

This show is streamed live on the Learn-the-Birds YouTube channel on the final Friday of each month. The live audience is encouraged to interact throughout the episode, questions will be taken throughout the episode and not reserved for the end. 

To be a part of the live audience, please visit the next upcoming event’s page and register for the event. 

Birding experiences may be memorable, frustrating, profound, unique, personally significant, gratifying, humbling, and so much more. Interested in being a guest on this show? Click here to drop us a line with a short description of a few experiences (feel free to share visuals), a picture of yourself and a short bio!