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Jared Clarke

Jared Clarke is a native Newfoundlander and was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age, mostly by his grandfathers. Always a nature enthusiast, he became interested in birds while working for a local conservation group and soon became one of the most avid birders in the province. He currently runs a small bird …

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Jurgen Beckers

Jurgen has led tours for nearly 20 years in Colombia and apart from that he explored new areas resulting in discoveries of new and rare species for the country, such as the Orinoco Softtail and Cocha Antshrike. Now he is focussed on a new reserve that he has established in the Andean foothills. Jurgen co-authored …

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Harriet Kemigisha

Harriet has successfully guided many Birding trips on a freelance basis in Uganda and Rwanda and has worked for Avian vocalization Center (Project Avocet) recording sounds of rare species that have not been recorded to science and are now available on their website.

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Washington Wachira

Washington is one of the top birders in East Africa; having led hundreds of birding expeditions, field courses and safaris across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. He studied his BSc on the feeding habits of sunbirds; and an MSc working on birds of prey ecology in Nairobi forests. He has co-authored several books and checklists …

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Themba Birding

Themba Mthembu

Themba Mthembu is a successful birding guide and tour operator based in Northern Zululand, South Africa. He is a pioneering birder who is always looking for new birding locations. He tells a fascinating story about his origin from a poor background in the Nibela Peninsula area and his evolution from hunter to birding guide. He …

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Dr Derek W. Keats

Derek was biology professor for over 20 years, and discovered several species new to science (not birds, alas), and even has a species named after him. His studies have encompassed ecology, systematics and phylogeny.

The Birding Mind

Etienne Marais

Etienne Marais has been birding for half a century and thinks deeply about the experience of improving ones birding skills and how to empower people at all levels to be better birders. Etienne has been involved with the addition of 4 species onto the Southern African regional list – two of which no-one else has …

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Ernest Porter

Ernest is a professional wildlife photographer (specializing in action photography) and a FGASA qualified safari guide with a burning passion for raptors. Ernest has been a photographic guide for Eagle Eye Safaris since 2016, with experience in the field of teaching advanced photographic courses including Lightroom and Photoshop workshops.