Forging Environmental Consciousness: Birdwatching Culture in Honduras

Professor Daniel Germer

Forging Environmental Consciousness: Birdwatching Culture in Honduras

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Birds have a way of capturing people’s attention, due to man’s innate wish for flight, their magic, color, sound as well as subtle and sublime manifestations of beauty. A recent study in Honduras aimed at understanding the Birder and the Birdwatcher and how both of these parties have forged environmental consciousness in the last decade by enjoying the outdoors and chasing life birds. Both share a common culture centered around ABA and eBird but their means of enjoying the hobby are quite different. Some hobbyists place everything on the reward of lists and lifers, and to others there is a connection with the inner child and a myriad of circumstances that connect the subconscious to manifestations of novel pro-environment behaviours, but as consciousness grows, apathy can also appear from feeling powerless to change the tide of environmental degradation.

The concept of the three R`s is introduced: Recompensa, Recuerdo y Reflexión (Reward, Recollection and Reflection) as the cyclic mechanism of motivation and discipline for the hobby, that intrinsically forges consciousness by feeding the need for more birds and ranking high on the eBird top 100. Cathartic events in the field related to birds and remembering events from the past connected with birds are explained. This talk is aimed at all levels of knowledge and is for anyone interested in education and understanding emerging environmental cultures in the third world.

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Thu, May 27, 2021 at 19h00 (SAST)

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