Vocal mimicry in songbirds

Rick Nuttall, Lynette Rudman

Vocal mimicry in songbirds

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Vocal mimicry in songbirds is such a fascinating topic. In this webinar we will discover the many theories why some birds mimic other species and environmental sounds and the evolutionary origins of vocal mimicry. Our guest speaker will be Rick Nuttall, an experienced ornithologist and nature guide. He will explain to us why brood parasite chicks mimic the calls of the host’s chicks and how a young songbird learns its own song and also songs of other birds in the area. He will also chat about tracing the migration paths of migrating birds like the Marsh Warbler by analyzing the birds they mimic in their journey across the world. Rick will also teach us about the cultural transmission of mimicked sounds of the Sabota Lark. Don’t miss this webinar!

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