Terms and conditions – simple language

Simplified terms and conditions

These are the simplified Terms and Conditions.  You may read the full terms and conditions at the link below.

“Learn-the-Birds” is an online website provided for the purpose of online teaching and learning about birds. It provides some content items that are free of charge, as well as some content items that are paid. Some items may be content that is downloadable or viewable from the learnthebirds.com website, and others that are offered via live streaming. These terms and conditions apply to all services supplied by “Learn-the-Birds” accessed directly or indirectly from the learnthebirds.com website or any other ancillary websites that may be used as part of the service.

These terms govern your use of our online payment environment, our e-leaning platform, our forums, any associated support and delivery services, our content available through the learnthebirds.com website(s), and other services that we may provide via the learnthebirds.com website(s). Please read the full terms, as they are the legally binding agreement.

If you are an affiliate content creator, please see the Affiliate Programme Terms.

When using the learnthebirds.com website(s) you are entitled to a limited access to the content item or training instance as stipulated with the item at the time of purchase.

For all cases, we offer no liability, both for our content or services, and the use of our website, content, live webinars and courses, and any functionality provided by our website is at your own risk.

When you use our website(s) and services, we may collect information as defined in our Privacy Policy.  Such information is only what is necessary to render the service, or to notify you in the case of new product offerings or updates to products and services that you have purchased.