Status of site changes

Status of site changes December 2020-January 2021

Planned items

This is a work in progress, new items will be added from time to time based on our Kanban board planning. The purpose of this page is just to keep stakeholders updated on progress.

Phase 1. December

  • Remove WPForo – the discussion forum software as it is not used, and is redundant with Buddypress
    STATUS: Done.
  • Install Yoast SEO plugin and configure with Google settings
    STATUS: Done.
  • Remove Astra theme and relevant plugins
    STATUS: Done.
  • Install BuddyPress theme and pro module
    STATUS: Done.
  • Check and fix any theme elements that are broken during BuddyPress Change
    STATUS: In progress, mostly done.
  • Link BuddyPress with Learndash via the relevant plugin.
    STATUS: Done.
  • Enable social media-like features including discussions and messaging and integrate with Learndash.
    STATUS: Initiated.
  • Rebuild the home page for better navigation, and more social experience.
    STATUS: In progress, mostly done.
    You can watch it being built here.
  • Add individual pages for webinars, masterclasses and courses available to link from slider on new home page.
    STATUS: Done.
  • Replace the header menu with the BuddyPress header menu internal pages.
    STATUS: Done.
  • Limit space available to users for uploads.
    STATUS: Done.
  • Add dashboard for logged in users.
    STATUS: Initiated, lots to do.
  • Rewrite the login restriction code and put it back.
    STATUS: Eish, Dr Idiot strikes again.
  • Add the links to the user dropdown on the top bar.
    STATUS: Done.
  • Add Dashboard to the BB dropdown menu.
    STATUS: It needs the whole menu to be redone. Pause to January.
Phase 2. January
  • Create and publish community guidelines.
  • Woocommerce: review and improve Woocommerce use (the e-commerce engine of LTB).
  • Woocommerce: create explanatory video for masterclass, digital download and course creators to explain how to ensure the Woocommerce part of their item is done correctly.
  • Create a video explaining the new features of the site.
  • Add extra memory, CPU and diskspace to server.
  • hang ten for more!