Webinar recording – Buy equipment not software: quality open source (free) software for bird photographers

When you get into bird photography, you soon realise that you need to process your photos, and having just spent a small fortune on camera equipment, the last thing you need is to spend another small fortune on software just to make your photos usable. You need software for the following purposes:

  • Download photos from your camera / memory cards and organise them on your computer;

  • Manage your photo collection on your computer, including adding tags, searching past photos, automating certain processes, generating photos of a required size and shape, and publishing your photos online;

  • processing the camera RAW files into a usable form, such as JPG;

  • cropping and enhancing your RAW files to make them usable;

  • carrying out sophisticated techniques such as background removal, blurring backgrounds, spot and object removal, creating composite images, and more.

You don’t need to buy software to do any of these things. There are many open source software tools that can help you, and you may not realise this but some of them are created or funded by companies such as Disney and others, and are commonly used in studio and professional use. You need not deprive yourself of capability just because they are free (as in freedom and as in price).

I have had many thousands of my photos used in books, magazines, online websites, mobile apps, museum exhibits, and by amateur and professional artists as reference material. All of my photographs have been processed using open source software, and their professional use shows that this is possible and just as effective as expensive software that often is just a method of rent extraction.

In this webinar, I introduce you to the core tools that I use in my bird photography workflow, demonstrate some of the workflow that I use for processing photos, and take you throw some examples of the amazing things you can do with your bird photos and open source software that does not cost you a penny.

Join me and learn how to cut out software costs completely and produce magnificent bird photos.



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